LORENA CUPCAKE, flickr fashion maven was one of our first customers. Check out her Style Diary for a truly singular, blindingly colorful sense of fashion.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I ordered a tee shirt for my daughter, a graphic designer and type aficianado. She got it today, on her birthday, on her way to dinner with friends, after which they'll be watching Helvetica.


Looking forward to the t-shirt and being the envy of everyone in the graphic design department!


I couldn't resist the shirt. My license plate is HELVTCA. I figured I might as well just embrace my obsession.



DANIELLE and JAMIE VICTOR of Victor Victor Band. A great designer as well as a gifted guitarist, singer and songwriter, Jamie's often seen sporting one of his two Helvetica shirts onstage. Check out Victor Victor Band here.

From DesMoines to Dubai, dapper designers are donning our duds.

Typography shop is your destination on the web for typographic gear and themes addressing the design and advertising industry. Our current line consists of t-shirts and other wearables as well as our new coffee mugs. We will be adding other items featuring our designs in the near future, from posters to pillows to refrigerator magnets. Check back soon for shirts designed by or homages to some of the most respected designers of our time.

TypographyShop was started in 2008 by painter and designer Patrick King via a bit of serendipity. We were running a politically themed t-shirt line which featured a children's shirt with the word "Helvetica" in its name. Over time we noticed that the most common search term bringing people to the site was "Helvetica t-shirt." Before long, with no effort on our part the shirt was appearing on the first page of a google search for the term. People viewed our shirt, and many a designer stayed to pick up a political tee, but they were searching for a shirt about helvetica, not just one set in the typeface.

By coincidence we had already designed a series of typographically themed shirts, thinking we might introduce a line for designers and typophiles eventually. Upon seeing the google results we decided to try it out on the political site. After polling a few fellow designers, Helvetica Neue Descending a T-shirt was chosen as our first offering. Web pioneer Jeffrey Zeldman was one of those surveyed and kindly blogged, tweeted and tagged it the day of its release. Within the hour tastemaker Josh Spear featured it as did the esteemed typophile hub ilovetypography and Aisle One. By the end of the day over a dozen design blogs had featured our first offering and we sold more shirts than we had the previous 6 months on the political site. Within a day we named ourselves TypographyShop, redirected our link and launched the new venture in earnest. Five years later, we've shipped shirts to designers in 36 countries and have been featured on hundreds of design blogs and hubs.

We are especially proud of our affiliation with legendary adMan George Lois, who gave us permission early on to use his quips and quotes on products on the site. We wanted, however to find a way to pay homage to George on items sssss

It's been a delight communicating with fellow practitioners across the globe who love type as much as we do.




We'd love to see photos of you wearing your TypographyShop gear. Click here to send us your pics for our upcoming Buyer's Gallery. Be sure to Join our flickr group for TypographyShop buyers and check out our group for all t-shirts with typographic themes.


TYPOGRAPHYSHOP GOES TO DISNEYLAND courtesy of Brandweek. Five lucky winners of Brandfreak's "Name that Logo" contest recieved our "Make the Logo Smaller" shirt.

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