Letterpress t-shirt
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Letterpress t-shirt from TypographyShop
New silk screened version of the 80s poster


Save $7.00 off our regular price as we liquidate our back stock.

Letterpress printing, nearly dead for decades, is enjoying a surprising renaissance today. Small shops have sprung up around the world. In this digital age designers and print buyers alike are rediscovering the beauty of this tactile medium.

Simply set in reverse in Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk® Bold, often referred to as the original sans. Released in 1896, its first life was in lead.

Silk screened in white on a black on a fine cotton jersey.

We currently have a limited quantity of this design. If we're out of your size please sign up to be notified when we reprint.

On Sale Just $15.99
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