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"Make the logo smaller" men's t-shirt
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Jean-François Simard, front-end developler and Carole Guevin, founder of Netdiver Mag (RIP), welcome you to their post-Netdiver site, Featured by .cg.

Send us your photos, show off your stuff. We love to see our shirts - and now mugs - in the field. Send your photos to photos@typographyshop.com Tell us a bit about yourself and what you'd like us to link to.


Make the Logo Smaller. Small type version.


Save $7.00 off our regular price as we liquidate our back stock.

"Make the Logo Smaller" was the winner of our first buyer poll by a more than two to one margin. The battle cry of beleaguered art directors everywhere. Designers around the globe love wearing this shirt to work. We wanted an alternative to the larger version with a more subtle rendition.

Set in Neuzeit S, a 1966 geometric-grotesque hybrid redesign of Wilhelm C. Pischner's Neuzeit Grotesk, originally designed in 1928.

Printed on a white fine cotton jersey. We currently have a limited quantity of this design. If we're out of your size please sign up to be notified when we reprint.

Also, check out our new Make the Logo Smaller hoodie.

On Sale Just $15.99
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comes in black or white.
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Make the Logo Smaller Hoodie on Sale!
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